Volvo is ready to help, even in the event of a breakdown.

The newly added two for life perk offers drivers a service that goes beyond warranty limits! That's right, with tow for life, Beverly, MA and Lynnfield, MA drivers can enjoy no cost, car towing to the nearest Volvo retailer (within a 25-mile radius).

If the newest set of complimentary services weren't enough for Hamilton-Wenham drivers, Volvo has tossed another complimentary service into the mix. Indeed, the Tow for Life program offers drivers complimentary towing to the nearest Volvo retailer within a 25-mile radius!

Fitting with a recent push to increase complimentary services, the Tow for Life program joins Volvo Car Accident Advisor and Volvo Lifetime Replacement Parts & Labor Warranty. If you want a luxury vehicle that is truly backed up by its maker, look to Volvo with confidence!

How it Works

In the event of a breakdown, drivers just have to call Volvo On-Call or Volvo Customer Care at 1(800)550-5658 to get in contact with a Volvo representative to move forward with the next steps in the Towing for Life program!

Luxury, Reliability, & Uncompromising Commitment to the Customer

With so many recent complimentary services, Danvers and Marblehead, MA drivers can look o the Volvo Cars Danvers team with confidence! We want drivers to believe in Volvo like we do! Our complimentary services are just one of the many ways we're proving our confidence! Whether you're considering a Volvo vehicle or already own one, the Towing for Life program is available! No matter the age of your Volvo, Towing for Life is an available complimentary service!

Call Volvo Cars Danvers to learn more about Towing for Life! - Ready to assist Beverly and Hamilton-Wenham, MA drivers!

Have a few questions about the new complimentary service? Want to check out our latest selection of new Volvo models? Stop by or call our dealership!

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