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A Big Boo to Volvo

 Word came recently that Volvo was going to pull out of racing because, according to Director of Marketing Alain Visser, because it "does not conform with our brand, where we stand for smaller engines and safety."  Sorry, M. Visser, but why is a commitment to smaller engines and safety not compatible with racing? Perhaps if a company was trying to represent itself as super-green I could see the case. Isn't every manufacturer committed now…
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What is Volvo?

 When I started working at Volvo Village of Danvers a few months ago I had to consider what Volvo meant, and what it meant to me. I posted the literal meaning—I  Roll—from the Latin when I looked that up. However, I was more interested in a deeper understanding of what Volvo really means.
Every brand has an identity. Actually, it has multiple identities. One is the identity as currently stated by an organization…
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