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Meet Our Future in a New Volvo Hybrid

Hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular because they not only save you money but they also are better for the environment. Volvo has worked tirelessly to develop a lineup of quality hybrid vehicles in all body shapes including wagons, sedans, and SUVs. It doesn't matter if you're looking for an SUV that can hold more of your friends and family or a smooth commuter sedan to take you to and from Danvers, MA, we have something for everyone at Volvo Cars Danvers.


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Benefits of a Volvo Hybrid Vehicle

Hybrid cars have both an electric motor and a gasoline engine, otherwise known as a Twin Engine. Since this engine is built differently than traditional gasoline engines there are some benefits including:

Lower CO2 Emmisions

When you pair the combustion engine to the electric motor it produces lower carbon dioxide emissions. Volvo hybrid vehicles can go in Pure electric mode which allows you to commute with zero tailpipe emissions. Our Marblehead, MA drivers like knowing that they can decrease their carbon footprint with a Volvo hybrid car.

Choose Your Drive Mode

You can decide which kind of drive mode you'd like to take through the street of Beverly, MA. Do you want to drive with zero tailpipe emissions? Choose Pure electric mode. Otherwise you can choose to maximize efficiency and range with the available Hybrid mode. Sometimes though, you need a little more of a punch under the hood and that's where Power mode comes into play. Whatever your driving needs are Volvo hybrid models are up to the challenge.

Effortless Performance

Combining electric power with a traditional gasoline engine creates a smooth and graceful drive in any kind of conditions that Lynnfield, MA might throw at you. You won't be upset with the impressive flexibility and powerful driving experience that Volvo hybrid vehicles possess.

Available Hybrid Volvo Vehicles

There are five different Volvo hybrid models available that complement a wide variety of lifestyles. Two SUV hybrid options are the Volvo XC90 and the smaller, yet fully capable Volvo XC60. The Volvo XC60 gets 18 miles of all-electric range on a single charge. When there is juice in the battery the EPA estimates that the Volvo XC60 has 59 MPGe and 26 miles per gallon after the battery is depleted.

The Volvo XC90 also offers 18 miles of all-electric range, which equates to 55 miles per gallon during those electric miles.

Delivering the most luxurious features is the Volvo S90. When properly equipped to the high-performance plug-in hybrid has an electric-only range of 21 miles.

Pure Electric Volvo Vehicles

Some of Volvo hybrids are pure electric cars. Driving a pure electric car frees you from tailpipe emissions while driving. You'll drive with good peace of mind knowing that you're doing your part for the environment. Pure electric vehicles are smooth and silent with a refined drive like no other.

With a larger battery, you get longer electric range that way you don't have to charge so often. And, it is designed with your convenience in mind allowing you to charge your car at home.

Learn More About Volvo Hybrid Models at Volvo Cars Danvers

There are several intricacies about hybrid models that we would love to tell you more about at Volvo Cars Danvers. If you're considering a Volvo hybrid, stop by Volvo Cars Danvers and one of our sales associates will help advise you on which hybrid would work best for your unique lifestyle. We can even help you with easy financing as well. Stop by to learn more today!